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Donna D.

2019 Spring NOG

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Donna D.

April 25-28, 2019 -  Fort Stevens State Park


Updated 3-24-19

I'm not updating the map. We're getting to spread out and to get everyone on it, it would be tiny. But I will keep the participants list updated.


Once again the NOG is returning to Fort Stevens on the Northern Oregon coast. But, this time without me! Dave & Kathie have graciously stepped up to host this Spring NOG. I'll be around doing the background work keeping up the participants list and campground map, but all questions regarding the NOG needed to be directed to them. They're not newbies to the NOGs (I think they've only missed two since the very beginning) and have helped tremendously in the past facilitating information and organization. And I thank them for that support!


Fort Stevens is a big, beautiful state park. Lots to do inside the park and around the area. For instance, during the Spring NOG, the Astoria Seafood and Wine Festival will be held. Because of that event, Fort Stevens will be fully booked. IF you wish to attend Spring NOG, you will need to get your reservation made quickly.


We'll start reserving in H, I and J loops. H & I have full-hookups, J has water and electric. If those are full the L loop is also open for reservations right now and has full hookups. Its farther away from the other loops so we may be spread out.  Dave & Kathie have chosen site H16.


Kathie and Dave have now reserved Shelter A for Friday and Saturday. There is plenty of parking, the restroom is right next door. There is electric, water and a fireplace in the center of the shelter. There are tables in the shelter also. A grill may be available for the dinner-on-a-stick night (Friday), otherwise there's a fire pit available for use. It cost $100 to reserve for the two nights, they will take donations at the potluck to cover the cost.


Be sure to checkout everything the Oregon State Park system has to say about the park. Find the information here including reservation information:


The brochure here will tell you site driveway length (Fort Stevens campground info and map 2018): https://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPubs&parkId=129


AND, check out Campsite photos for a picture of the site you want: https://www.campsitephotos.com/campground/or/fort-stevens-state-park/photos/fort-stevens-h001


As usual I'll keep a park map updated and a list of names going for those that have made reservations at the CasitaForum.


Be sure to let us know if you're newbies to egg gatherings and everyone start planning/making your name tags.


Start posting!


Carolyn (Eatonville, WA) - 2016 13' Scamp - C44

Art & Cindy (Independence, OR) - 2014 17' Casita SD - C47
Jim & Joline (Corvallis, OR) - 2006 17' Casita SD - C62
Paul & Sharon (Lakewood, WA) - 2007 17' Casita FD - C65
Tom & Karen (Bellevue, WA) - 2010 17' Casita SD - E152
Greg (Portland, OR) - 2008 17' Casita SD - F223
Chuck & Vicki (Marysville, WA) - 1995 16' Scamp - H7
John & Jan (Felton, CA) - 2018 21' Escape - H8
Ross & Susan (Los Osos, CA) - 2014 21' Escape - H10
Simon & Sharen (Langley, WA) - Born Free Moho - H11
Rich & Deb (Portland, OR) - 2006 17' Casita LD - H12
Mark & Pam (Tualatin, OR) - 2015 21' Escape - H13
Dave & Kathie (Portland, OR) - 2013 21' Escape - H16
Dave & Nancy (Portland, OR) - 2019 19' Escape - H18
Rodney & Diane (Portland, OR) - 2018 17' Escape - H20
Don & Peggy (Forest Grove, OR) - 2017 17' Casita SD - H21
Mac & Belinda (Portland, OR) - 2013 17' Casita LD - I75
Jeannie (Vancouver, WA) - 2013 17' Casita LD - I76
Greg & Brenda (Kitsap Co, WA) - 2008 17' Casita SD - I89
Kate (Olympia, WA) - 2017 Escape 5.0TA - I92
Michael & Julie (Gardnerville, NV) - 2017 Bigfoot 25RQ - J172
Jane & Lori (Morro Bay, CA) - 2016 21' Escape - J173
Alan & Barb (Issaquah, WA) - 2006 25' Bigfoot - J179
Michael & Traci (North Bend, OR) - 2009 17' Casita FD - J181
Sandy & Greg (Battle Ground, WA) - 2005 17' Casita FD - J187
Charlie & Cathryn (Hillsboro, OR) - 2014 21' Escape - J189
Taylor & Linda (Clatskanie, OR) - 2001 Scamp 5th Wheel - J191
Jim & Sheri (Spokane, WA) - 2007 17' Casita SD - J193
Dave (Roseburg, OR) - 1987 19' Bigfoot - J195
Rob & Annie (Tigard, OR) - 1981 13' Burro - J196
Steve & Sue (Port Angeles, WA) - 2015 Escape 5.0TA - J199
John & Eve (Pender Island, BC) - 2002 Oxygen - M36
Chris & Maureen (Lacey, WA) - 1994 Bigfoot 5th Wheel - O61

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I forgot where it's going to be........did we already vote?

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Donna D.

Time to make reservations!

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Jeannie (Vancouver, WA) - 2013 17' Casita LD - I76

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Mac & Belinda, I-75, Wed-Sun. 

Sites are going quickly!

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Sandy and Greg. 24th - 28th, J loop spot 187

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Steve and Sue,  Port Angeles

J Loop  sp. 199  Escape 5.0 TA

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Rob and Annie, Tigard Oregon
J Loop space 196
1981 Burro 13'

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Jan and John (Felton, CA) 21' Escape, Space H008

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Charlie & Cathryn - Hillsboro, OR, Escape 21 in J-189

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Dave and Kathie

Greetings all,
The whole park is now open for reservations. If you want to be close to the H and I loops, which are now pretty full, the J loop has water and electric. The M and L loops are across the road and are the other full hookup loops. They will probably fill up soon.

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Mike & Traci 17 Casita Freedom Deluxe from North Bend J181

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Chuck 64

Chuck and Vicki in site H007 with a 16' Scamp 

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Reserved J 195

Dates - Apr. 26, 27, 28

Dave Heffner with a Bigfoot 19 (1987)

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