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2019 Kansas Eggstravaganza

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Please read entire post.

OK, it is official. We are moving Eggstravaganza to Four Seasons RV Acres. The campground is attached to the RV Sales & Service.

It is located at exit 281 off I-70. (I mean right at the exit)

If you come early and/or stay late you can get the group rate.

You must tell them that you are with Eggstravaganza to get the group rate.

There is a convenience store/gas station.

Weather permitting, the swimming pool will be open.

There is a meeting room for our activities,

There is a laundry.

The facilities are old, but they were clean when I checked today.

This would not be my first choice, but it will work.

For reservations call: 785-598-2221 or 1-800-658-4667

Address:2502 Mink RD; Abilene, KS 67410

Web site: www.4seasonsrv.com



As for your reservations at Farnum Creek:

If you are in a site that is currently usable (1-14 or 35-38) you need to cancel and there will be a cancellation fee.

The Corps will most likely be cancelling all the other (flooded) sites. If you wait for them to cancel you will get a full refund (no cancellation fee).  If you do not wait and cancel now there will be a fee.




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August update

It’s less than a month until Eggstravaganza. I do not actually have much to talk about in this update.

I have 22 units on my list and the campground has 4 more, but their record keeping is even worse than mine. I think I know who they mean but I can’t tell for sure.

I do know of  at least 4 of our regulars will not be attending.

You can plan on at least 26 for a Rally Bag count.

There is one person who has notified me that they will not know if they will be able to attend until the last minute. The campground has more than enough sites available so anyone making a last minute decision to attend will not be a problem.

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Another one is in the books. We were fewer in numbers, but we still had a good time. On Saturday evening we enjoyed some ice cream.




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