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Reservations are now open to be made 6 months prior to date of arrival. 


I made mine this morning for site A29,  July 14-24 (yes, leaving Saturday but assuming reduced activities and no potluck again this year, if it changes I'll miss it this time)


also, was not charged any out of state uplift.  Reserve America did not ask if I am a resident of Oregon



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I lucked out, and will be in site number 48 from July 12 leaving the 26th. ;)

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Jeff and Peggy

We're in B48 July 19-25, hoping for warm coastal weather! Jeff and Peggy

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Yes, as already stated Oregon State Parks are taking reservations up to 6 months in advance since January 14th, 2021. At this time I am going to assume we will have to have reduced to no group activities like 2020 and no potlucks, etc. 




Oregon Gathering 

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A26, 07/21-07/26 (Jim, Beth & Io)

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Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for this year.  Just snagged A11.  Arriving on the 21st for five nights.  

Jan & John King

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John in Santa Cruz

Hah, an Escape 21 coming from Felton.... I'm about 5 miles down the road from you... with an Escape 21, and arriving on the 21st, staying to the 27th, and camping in A8.

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Hi Everyone,  I am really hoping to see everyone this year.  Even if it's with masks and from a distance.
We will be in B03 arriving on July 22nd and leaving July 25th, 2021.

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Hi John - Yep, we're not that far from each other!  I've seen your posts and wondered where in Santa Cruz you were located so we will definitely chat in July.  We're arriving on the 21st as well and will be departing on the 26th.  Looking forward to meeting you in person ... from a distance, of course  ;-)

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Casita de Glenritas #1002

Well we missed the opening date for registration again this year !  

The park is full for the dates we wanted so we registered at a near buy RV Park and got the last space .

We got our 1st Coved shot the other day and the next in March so we should be good to go .

We'll be there the 20th through the 25th and looking forward to see everybody .



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